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Feb. 11th, 2009

confused, brain dead

Intro to Darkshield

This is the first scene in Darkshield, kind of a teaser since I'm not planning on posting the rest of UGF online, but I like it and I might post a couple of drabbles with these characters so I'll stick it up. Not edited, but I don't think I made any major blunders.

Darkshield PrologueCollapse )
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Across Ages: The First LIfe

This is something new, if it turns into anything it will probably be a series of shorts. It's a little odd, the writing style isn't my usual, I don't know why it turned out that way, but I kind of like it. Mostly unedited as my beta is asleep atm, I scanned it myself but I won't have the distance to really edit it for a few weeks at least. This is the first meeting of two souls who will be reunited in lives to come. Perhaps I'll write a few of those lives, if the mood takes me X)

The First LifeCollapse )

Aug. 7th, 2008

dare, penguin, poke me


 More of my slash pair, the king and his seer. It's Isibane's birthday and Diemzhon has a present for him. 

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My chosen king dueling the captain of his guard. Somewhat amusing, mostly just because I like to write fights, they be fun bunny-fodder.

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This drabble directly follows the first one I posted concerning usurpers. These characters are slash, and this does happen to be a valentines drabble (hint hint) however, very mild romance, short and cute. 

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Tears of a Full Moon

No idea what spawned this, I wrote the first few paragraphs a few years ago and stumbled upon it while glancing through my unfinished drabbles and the rest of it came to me.

I rather like this story, though like most of what I'm posting here it's somewhat unpolished.

Fun with werewolves and not connected to any pre-existing world, mine or otherwise. The rightful packmaster's mind is being supressed, and it's up to his friend, a low ranking wolf named Kara, to not only save her human brother's life, but her pack as well...

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I assure you not ALL of my characters are slash, though I'll admit that most of the plot bunnies that have been occuring to me lately have been slash central. What can I say, it makes good romance, the whole added taboo and all that. 

Anyways, again taking major liberties with a game, but the chemistry-in-my-head between Master Chief and Cortana was just too amusing not to write. Dunno if I'll do anything more with this particular interpretation of Halo, but I wouldn't be surprised if more came to me eventually.

dare, penguin, poke me

Death of a Bunny

 This is a fun little crack-fic born of my enmity with plot bunnies. I had a sequel somewhere but it has been (hopefully temperarily) lost in the clutter of my life.

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Cutting Down Complete

So I've gone through all of my posts and hopefully don't sound like so much of a whiney bitch now, I'll try to keep it a little more interesting, rather than whiney, on the off chance that I catch someone's attention and they actually read my posts *le gasp*

Now, to begin posting all of the random drabbles sitting in my writing folder. 
dare, penguin, poke me


Sooo, posting because I am bored. It has occured to me that Rose Hair Tarantulas are 16$. I want one. However, I'm already stuck trying to sneak a snake into college, and even if the snake goes over alright with my roommate, i can't exactly expect the same for a spider *sigh*

Due to my boredom I've decided it's time for a rehaul of my livejournal account. My longer stories change too much for me to even think about posting chapter by chapter, but anything finished I can post, and I have a lot of cute drabbles that I can put up, even if the story that spawned them changes I can just call them off the wall or whatever. 

Now, to delete everything (or almost everything) and start posting drabbles.

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